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“Kyocera TASKalfa Pro 15000c is ideal for commercial businesses”

Gertjan Kleinbloesei, Operational Director, Verloop Drukkerij | Customer Testimonials
TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Kyocera inkjet printers help you expand your potential

Most commercial printing is done on analog printing machines. Analog printers tend to have high maintenance needs. There are many costs involved: initial setup of the printing plates takes time and expertise. There is also the cost associated with hiring and/or training machinery operators. Digital printing offers an attractive alternative. It is low-maintenance, with no need for physical plates. In the face of rising demand for custom jobs with limited print runs and fast turnaround times, the transition to digital printing is accelerating. There are two types of digital printing: toner printing and inkjet printing. Inkjet printers in particular are proving popular as they have fewer parts than standard analog printers, which means they require less maintenance and are cheaper to run. In terms of price band and productivity offerings, the market has traditionally been split into two categories: expensive offset printers and large-size inkjet printers for commercial printing applications typically involving large print runs of identical content, such as magazines and flyers, and inexpensive toner printers for smaller, custom print runs, where total monthly print volumes are relatively modest.

“The TASKalfa Pro 15000c is ideal for commercial businesses that demand the best in terms of inkjet output, print quality, and energy efficiency, it’s the most sustainable inkjet printer in the market now”

Gertjan Kleinbloesei, Operational Director, Verloop Drukkerij

TASKalfa Pro 15000c provides high-productivity performance at an entry-level price

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c prints up to 150 A4 pages per minute for up to an hour without pausing and boasts excellent image quality, thanks to the unique water-based pigment inks developed exclusively by Kyocera. Digital printers support variable printing since physical plates are not used, thereby allowing a much greater degree of flexibility. By leveraging the technological assets and resources of the Kyocera Group, we can offer a high-productivity, sheet-fed digital inkjet printer.

Kyocera is committed to facilitating the digital shift within the printing industry as a means of boosting overall productivity and promoting sustained value generation and organizational growth for our clients.

Inkjet printers and the Sustainable Development Goals

Inkjet printing offers a number of benefits aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) objectives, including inks with low environmental impact.

About our SDGs initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015. Kyocera Document Solutions is committed to working toward the SDGs in 2030 through our inkjet printer operations.

Kyocera is committed to the 17 SDGs through a range of initiatives, especially minimizing resource consumption and actively contributing to biodiversity conservation.

The below page describes our SDGs initiatives in the inkjet printing field.

Clean water and safe toilets throughout the world

Our aim

To ensure that everyone has access to clean water and good hygiene on a sustainable basis.

Development of environmentally-friendly inks

Kyocera has developed a range of water-based pigment inks with reduced emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and UFP (ultrafine particles). Our inks cause less atmospheric pollution and also improve the workplace environment at commercial and industrial printing facilities. Environmentally-friendly compact pigment inks are being developed for use in the latest commercial inkjet printers, while the clothing industry is working to minimize water usage during textile processing. These initiatives help to secure sustainable supplies of clean, safe water.

Fewer print head cleaning cycles thanks to our specially developed high-performance cleaning fluid

Inkjet printers require a clean print head for optimum performance. The print head must be kept free of dried ink and foreign particles at all times. Kyocera has developed a high-performance cleaning fluid that effectively and efficiently dissolves dried ink particles on the print head. The new cleaning fluid reduces the environmental impact of printing because the print head does not need to be cleaned as often, which helps to reduce both water consumption and waste liquid output.

Clean energy for all

Our aim

To provide ready access to reliable and sustainable energy supplies in the modern era.

How inkjet printing saves energy

Commercial electrophotographic printers use huge quantities of power for melting toner and fixing images to paper. Kyocera supplies advanced inkjet printers that apply the ink directly to the paper surface, using our specially developed water-based pigment inks that provide superior penetration as well as faster drying. The result is high-quality printing with much lower power consumption.

Obligations around production and consumption

Our aim

To create sustainable models of production and consumption.

Digital printing is better for the environment

Most commercial printing is done on analog printers that use physical plates.

Setting up the printing plates takes time and expertise, and the plates also have to be stored when not in use. For this reason, the initial print run often includes extra copies that can be released in the event of a subsequent reprint order. Digital printers do not use plates, which frees up storage space. And since additional copies can be printed off as and when required, there is no need to make extra copies during the initial print run. By saving on storage space, digital printing minimizes inventory wastage, which in turn reduces the environmental impact of printing.

Inkjet printers help to minimize wastage

Inkjet printing uses fewer parts and components and prints directly onto materials such as paper and fabric. Unlike electrophotographic printing, there are no components that wear out on a regular basis, such as the developing unit and drum. As a result there is far less wastage associated with replacement due to normal wear and tear.


Inkjet technology has the potential to optimise your investments for the long term through efficient and sustainable printing. Kyocera’s legacy is built on securing a long-term partnership with our customers by helping them to grow, to identify opportunities, and to overcome adversity, together.

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